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Cypress aims at wireless earbud audio quality

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2018-09-18
Cypress is claiming better audio from all-wireless earbuds – headsets without a wire between the transducers.

According to the firm, which is sadly not naming names or numbers, the solution features a link budget that is 6dB better than competetors, resulting in up to twice the range – with the extended range improving cross-body performance for uninterrupted earbud audio from smart devices located in back-pockets or on wrists. And also claiming that it halves power consumption compared with those un-named competing solutions.


The technique has been branded ‘WASS’ (for wireless audio stereo synchronisation), and code to implement it on Cypress’ CYW20721 Bluetooth audio MCU is available in the latest version of the firm’s WICED Pro software development kit (SDK).

The WASS software uses wireless error correction algorithms from WICED (see below) Pro, and WICED Pro gives access to multiple audio codec partners that allow the inclusion of features including echo and noise cancellation.

“Stereo synchronisation has proven to be a difficult challenge in Bluetooth earbuds, as even the slightest connection loss can result in a frustrating user experience,” said Cypress marketing v-p Brian Bedrosian, cliaming: “Cypress has solved this problem with our WASS solution.”

WICED stands for wireless internet connectivity for embedded devices. Its SDK enables cloud connectivity  through libraries that give access to cloud services including Amazon Web Services, IBM Bluemix, Alibaba Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. It supports iCloud remote access for Wi-Fi-based accessories that support Apple HomeKit for access to Siri voice control and the Apple Home app remotely.