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Component shortage to hit smartphone sales

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-08-24
A shortage of components will hit premium smartphone sales in H2, says Gartner.

“We expect a shortage of flash memory and OLED displays will affect premium smartphone supply in the second half of 2017,” says Gartner’s Anshul Gupta,  “we’ve already seen Huawei’s P10 suffer from a flash memory shortage, and smaller, traditional brands, such as HTC, LG and Sony, are stuck between aggressive Chinese brands and the dominating market shares of Samsung and Apple in the premium smartphone segment.”

Q2.smartphone sales rose 6.7% over Q1 to 366.2 million units.

Samsung’s smartphone sales grew 7.5% y-o-y after three consecutive quarterly declines. The company had been hit hard by problems with the Galaxy Note 7.

Q2 sales by the top producers were:

Samsung 82,535

Apple 44,314.8

Huawei  35,964.3

Oppo 26,092.5

Vivo 24,324.6


Total 366,234.4

Vivo and Oppo, both made by BBK Electronics, had y-o-y sales increases of 70.8% and 44.1%, respectively.