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8kW resistor calms surges and slows motors

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2018-08-07
Vishay has introduced 8kW mica-insulated resistors in millbank size.

Called GREM, the firm is promoting them as a lower cost option to stainless steel grid designs.

“8kW at 40°C is 23 % higher than standard 6,500W stainless steel grid resistors in the standard millbank size,” said Vishay. “At the same time, GREM devices are 30 % lighter than stainless steel grid resistors with the same power dissipation, and offer a favourable price point.”

This is comparing GREM to the standard range of Vishay GRE1 plate resistors – However, others on the same GRE1 data sheet are specified up to 7,800W.

GREM values from 0.067Ω to 24.273Ω are available with a tolerance of ±10%, temperature coefficients down ±130ppm/°C and currents from 18A to 345A.

Overall size is 159 x 347 x 673mm. Operation is up to 415 °C.

Applications are foreseen in load banks, dynamic braking, and motor control, as well as in alternative energy applications.