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6pin photo-relay offers 5A and 20mΩ at 30V

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2018-04-02
Toshiba’s DIP4 and DIP6 high-current photo-relays can now switch up to 5A – claimed to be industry’s highest rating in a DIP6 package. Other versions can handle 200V.

With the internal mosfets fabricated in the firm’s U-MOS VIII process, there are five new devices – TLP3543A, TLP3545A, TLP3546A, TLP3556A and TLP3558A.

Together they offer options with Voff ranging from 30V to 200V and Ion from 5.0A to 0.7A.

All offer ac or dc switching, but only 6pin versions offer the dc-only ‘C-connection’ where both internal mosfets can be connected in parallel to halve on-resistance  – to as low as 20mΩ in the case of the TLP3543A 30V version.

To add a design safety margin, pulse capability can be up to 3x the steady-state current.

Off leakage (Ioff) max is 1μA.

“These photo-relays can replace 1-Form-A mechanical relays in various DC and AC applications, contributing to improved system reliability and reducing the space needed for relays and relay drivers,” said Toshiba. “They deliver a rated operating temperature of 110°C max, making it easier to accommodate temperature margins in system designs.”

Applications in factory automation and other industrial uses are expected, in equipment, building automation, HVAC, semiconductor testing, ATE and security.