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Home > News > Company News > 5W 500mA relays are 10 x 3.7mm

5W 500mA relays are 10 x 3.7mm

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2018-09-05
Pickering has introduced miniature single-in-line relays that can switch 5W and 500mA through their single Form A (SPST) normally-open (energise-to-make) contact.

Called the 111 Series, they all 6.6mm high and cover an area 3.7 x 10mm.

There is a base model (111), a low-cost version (111P) amd an RF version designed for switching up to 1.5GHz (111RF).

111 and 111RF come in a metal can package, while 111P is in a plastic package that has an internal mu-metal screen.

“Magnetic screening is essential to avoid magnetic interaction problems. Interaction is usually measured as a percentage increase in the voltage required to operate a relay when two additional relays, stacked one each side, are themselves operated,” said the firm. “An unscreened device mounted on this pitch would have an interaction figure of around 40%. Relays of this size would therefore be totally unsuitable for applications where dense packing is required.” – Series 111 have an interaction figure of around 1%.

111 and 111P have four pins spaced at 2.54mm, while, to accommodate the internal coaxial screened path, the 111RF has two ground pins – bringing the pin count to 6 at a 1.5mm spacing.

Coils are 5V (500Ω) or 3V (200Ω), with or without an internal diode.

Capacitance is 1.5pF max for both closed-switch-to-coil and across-open-switch (other connections guarded).

Insulation resistance is >1012Ω and maximum contact voltage is 170V.

Standard operating temperature is across -20 to +85°C, however +125°C operation can be achieved if the coil drive voltage.

A maximum of 20grav vibration and 50grav shock can be withstood.

If more power has to be handles in the same frootprint, the taller Series 110 and Series 112 are available.