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200MHz multi-instrument works with an iPad

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-05-24
Combining an oscilloscope, waveform generator and six other instruments, Moku:Lab comes from Australian firm Liquid Instruments.

It has:
Waveform generator
Spectrum analyser
Phase meter
Data logger
Lock-in amplifier
PID controller
Bode analyser

Control and display is through any iPad with a Retina display running the Moku:Lab app.

“Moku:Lab app contains everything you need to manage multiple instruments in one free download via the App store,” said Laser 2000, which is selling the instrument in the UK. “You’ll be able to share or forward data in seconds using Dropbox, iCloud, or email. The App will also automatically alert you when new instruments are released in the future.”

Laser 2000 MokuLabSelling price is £4,100. For evaluation, the app can be tried without the instrument.

Communication with the iPad is through Wi-Fi – with Moku:Lab hosting Wi-Fi if there is no router in range.

Analogue inputs:
DC to 200MHz
AC/DC coupling
500Msample/s 12bit ADC
±5V and ±0.5V gain ranges
Analogue outputs:
Drive 50Ω load with 2Vpp at 200MHz. T
16bit DACs

A 500ppb clock is included, and a details spec is available form here.

Liquid Instruments was founded by Professor Daniel Shaddock of the Department of Quantum Science, Australian National University.

According to Laser 2000, the Liquid Instruments team has experience in laser interferometry, metrology, data science, software design, and engineering, and Moku:Lab was developed with professional scientists and engineers in mind.