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140kV probe for bench work

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2018-07-27
Vitrek has introduced a 140kVdc 100kVac smart bench-top test probe.

Called HVL-150, it is intended to expand the measurement range of the firm’s Model 4700 precision high-voltage meter.

The probe has a proprietary low thermal coefficient attenuator that minimises the effects of self-heating (0.2ppm of reading per KV2), and low capacitance for ac measurement.

Alone, the meter works up to 10kV with 0.03% (of reading) + 0.03V accuracy amd 10mV resolution. AC readings go as low as 0.01Hz.

Then additional probes extend this to 35, 70, 100 or (now) 140kV.

Each probe stores its own calibration data, which it passes to the meter when plugged in.

The HVL-150 has a 1GΩ input impedance, 0.08% + 0.7V DC accuracy, 0.5% + 1V AC accuracy and 10V resolution.

It comes with an ISO 17025 accredited certificate of calibration (up to 90kV) with data and uncertainties, and a detachable toroid corona shield.

Overall height is 735mm, and it comes with a 1.8m cable.

“The 4700 HV meter features a colour touchscreen that really makes its operation simple and offers numerical and graphical data display,” said Vitrek’s CEO Kevin Clark. “The True-rms ac readings are as true as they come, while the DC measurements offer rocket-fast settling with rock-solid stability.”