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Osram narrow beam IR LED for security cameras

  • Autor:Ella Cai
  • Lassen Sie auf:2018-07-20
Osram has added to its Oslon Black portfolio for infra-red illumination with a ±25° narrow beam version – called SFH 4718A – narrow enough to do away with secondary optics for cameras with a medium capture range, according to the firm.

“With the addition of the SFH 4718A, the Oslon Black portfolio now comprises three wavelengths – 810 nm, 850 nm and 940 nm – and three beam angles – ±25°, ±45° and ±75°,” said Osram product marketeer Jörg Heerlein.

“These are flanked by four different power levels, with optical outputs ranging from 0.3W to 2W. Since all the products are based on the same package, the emitters are easy to combine. And since the footprint remains identical, an existing design can also be easily upgraded with a new variant.”

With the new device, radiant intensity is 730W/sr. At 1A Optical output is 0.8W, and the 850nm wavelength “is barely discernible by humans, but lies firmly within the sensitivity range of the camera sensors”, said the firm.

CCTV applications are foreseen in public spaces, parking areas, company premises, museums and bank foyers, as well as in automatic vehicle number plate recognition systems.